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  • Regular 6 monthly maintenance checkups and cleaning ensure your mouth is operating and looking at its best.
  • Fissure sealants – they provide protection from tooth decay in our children’s’ back teeth. It involves your dentist placing a plastic coating over the grooves of your child’s teeth which is quick and painless.
  • Professional fluoride applications help strengthen the enamel and provide added resistance to tooth decay.
  • Education by way of tooth brush and flossing instructions, ensure you are cleaning your teeth optimally.
  • Dietary counseling ensures bacteria don’t gain access to too much unrefined sugar going on to produce cavities which no-one wants.
  • Custom fitted mouth-guards provide vital protection for your teeth and adjacent soft tissues for use in various sports and activities.


So you have a cavity, RELAX, the team at UDC are here to help and will guide you through the options available to restore your tooth back to its former self in no time. White fillings, also known as composite or tooth coloured restorations, are an effective way to restore teeth while maintaining its original function, strength and durability. They also carry a significantly lower risk of fracturing the tooth than previously used amalgam fillings. Tooth coloured fillings can be placed directly in the one appointment or in particular situations porcelain fillings for added strength which are made using a two appointment process.

For further information regarding white fillings, or to arrange an appointment contact our experienced team (02) 99137453.


At UDC our most important patients are your children. We strive to ensure that each child retains a happy and healthy mouth for life, so dental visits are encouraged from when the eruption of their first tooth or by age one.
We recommend bringing your children along with you for your own dental checkups so that they are able to experience non-confrontational dentistry from a young age in a safe and fun environment.

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