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Dentistry for Children Northern Beaches

A good oral health routine will stick with your child for life

Visit our Northern Beaches practice today to give your child a great introduction to dental hygiene.

In between teaching your child how to count and their ABCs, bring them in to United Dental Clinic, Warriewood, for a lesson on how to care for their teeth, so they can enjoy good oral health and keep their teeth for life!

Dentistry for children is a bit unexplored area that most of parents avoid.
Dental health is a critical component to general wellbeing. We want to make sure your child has the best chance of brilliant oral health well before their adult teeth grow in. That’s why we offer targeted dental health education for children, as well as a comprehensive family dentistry service that will grow with your child.

Our primary services for children’s dentistry include:

  • Dental health education for children
  • Fissure sealants
  • Children’s dental fillings
Childrens Dentistry United Dental Clinic

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Decay, particularly in baby teeth, is a fast-moving disease. Where it is not prevented, it must be treated with dental fillings. When performing this common procedure on children, we take special care to be gentle and relaxing.

Dental health education

We prioritise dental health education for all our patients, but for children, it is particularly important. We can show your child the correct brushing and flossing techniques in order to set up a comprehensive dental health routine for life. We believe in preventive dental care, and therefore recommend regular visits.We offer the best dentistry for children services to ensure they keep smiling without any worries.

Fissure sealants

Fissure sealants are a preventive measure used to protect children’s first adult molars from decay. Completely safe and painless, a fissure sealant is painted onto the chewing surface of the tooth, effectively stopping any bacteria and food from becoming caught in the tiny grooves in the teeth. Unfortunately, no matter how well your child may clean their teeth, this is a common location for decay to take hold. Fissure sealants can stop this from occurring, helping to ensure your child retains these important teeth for life. They are also tooth coloured and blend seamlessly with the natural tooth material.

Your child’s oral health pre-teeth

Prior to the eruption of your child’s baby teeth, you can start to get them used to the idea of teeth cleaning by wiping their gums down twice a day with a soft cloth.

Brushing baby teeth

Once your child’s teeth begin to erupt, switch to cleaning with a soft toothbrush without toothpaste while they lay in your lap, or on the bed; toothpaste should not be used until your child is 18 months old. Even when there is only a few teeth, it is possible for decay to occur. By setting good brushing habits early, you set your child up for good oral health for life. Flossing should also begin now; ask us to show you the right technique!

The importance of baby teeth

Baby teeth are critical to effective speech and jaw development, and the development of healthy, strong adult teeth. If a baby tooth suffers decay, and it’s left untreated, the decay can travel beneath the gums and affect the adult teeth. In severe cases, this can impact the growth of the child’s adult teeth.

If you would like to know more about how the team at United Dental Clinic could help you child attain healthy teeth for life or why dentistry for children is crucial for child development, contact us today to book an appointment.


As the name suggests, pediatric dentistry refers to all the dental issues related to children including newborn babies. Dentistry for infants and children is a delicate matter and that is what pediatric dentistry does. It addresses dental issues in children and infants.

Baby teeth are very important for various reasons. Apart from helping kids to speak and chew naturally, they also promote the path for permanent teeth that will come naturally when baby teeth will erupt.

The general thumb rule is “The first visit by the first birthday”. Ideally, when you notice the first tooth appears, you should visit a pediatric dentist.

Generally, pediatric dentists recommend a toothbrush with soft bristles and a small head. There are special toothbrushes available for infants in the market. You need to brush at least once a day to remove plaque bacteria.

Thumbsucking is a common problem among infants. However, when the habit continues for a long period, it might create crowded, crooked teeth or biting issues. Make efforts to get rid of the habit before permanent teeth arrive. If the kid is still sucking thumb, you can go for a mouth appliance recommended by the pediatric dentist. Most of the time, children stop sucking their thumb on their own.

Ideally, you need to visit the pediatric dentist every six months for a checkup. A dentist will be able to address dental issues before they become serious. The best thing is to let your dentist determine the interval of consulting.