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What are dentures?

Dentures are a removable full or partial replacement for missing teeth and surrounding tissue. The custom made arches are a popular and inexpensive solution for those who are missing teeth. While they do take some time to adjust to, and will never feel the same as natural teeth, modern dentures are more natural and comfortable than ever.

Dentures can be full or partial. With full dentures, your artificial teeth sit upon a gum-like acrylic base which fits over your existing gums. To stabilise, the upper denture covers the roof of your mouth, while the lower denture is stabilised by a horseshoe shape to account for your tongue. Partial dentures, a removable alternative to bridges, are reminiscent of wire retainers and rest on a wire framework.

Why get dentures?

By replacing missing teeth, dentures make a significant improvement in your appearance and smile. Facial muscles sag without dental support, causing an aged appearance. With dentures, this is alleviated. Dentures also allow you to eat, smile and speak more comfortably.

How to care for dentures

Dentures can be delicate and need specialised care to last. Here are a few denture care tips:

  • Stand over a soft surface (such as a folded towel or basin of water) when handling your dentures. As they are delicate, even a short fall may damage your dentures.
  • You should never let your dentures dry out. When they are not being worn, place them in water or a denture solution to keep them hydrated. Never use hot water to soak your dentures as this can cause them to warp out of shape.
  • Brush your dentures each day to remove food debris and plaque build-up. This will keep them in tip-top shape, and prevent staining.
  • You may use an ultrasonic cleaner to care for your dentures, but this is no replacement for thorough daily brushing.
  • With a soft-bristled toothbrush, brush your gums, tongue and palate each day before inserting your dentures. This removes residual debris and plaque as well as stimulating circulation for healthy gums.
  • Do not hesitate to see your dentist if your dentures break, chip, crack, or loosen. Attempting to adjust them yourself could cause irreparable damage.

Dentures at United Dental Clinic

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