Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Take Out Wisdom Teeth

wisdom tooth xray highlighting teeth

What are Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Wisdom teeth are your final set of molars to come through. Generally appearing throughout your late teens to early twenties, wisdom teeth, if you have them, can disrupt the shape of your mouth and alignment of your teeth. This then affects function and general oral health.

If they cause so much pain and pose such a risk that we must remove them, why do we have them at all? This is a common question! Anthropologists believe Wisdom Teeth were the answer to our early ancestors’ diet of coarse food which caused other molars to wear down. New molars would have had the space and good reason to emerge in caveman days, but modern life often does not call for wisdom teeth.

Do you need Wisdom Teeth Removal?

In most cases, yes, it is necessary to remove wisdom teeth. While it isn’t unheard of for Wisdom Teeth to grow without complication, they more commonly cause dental issues and require extraction to prevent further problems or discomfort.

What happens if I don’t have my Wisdom Teeth Removed?

A mal-positioned wisdom tooth can cause gum infection, affect the jawbone and soft tissue, or even damage adjacent teeth. Partially erupted Wisdom Teeth must also be carefully monitored and managed as they leave a portion of gum exposed and vulnerable to painful, recurrent infection.

Crowding can also be an issue, especially in patients who have previously undergone orthodontic treatment. When Wisdom Teeth erupt, there is usually not enough space to accommodate the new teeth. This can cause the teeth to bunch together and overlap, called ‘crowding’. Crowding reduces the functionality of the teeth and general dental hygiene. It can also undo years of orthodontic work.

Wisdom Tooth Removal Sydney’s Northern Beaches

Wisdom Teeth Removal is one of the most commonly performed dental surgeries. Here at United Dental Clinic we are able to perform both surgical and non-surgical Wisdom Teeth Extractions, depending on your unique circumstance. After an initial consultation with your dentist and an OPG X-Ray, the team at United Dental Clinic Warriewood will work with you to determine the right option for you.

Why choose United Dental Clinic for Wisdom Teeth Removal?

For some, the very mention of ‘Wisdom Teeth Removal’ could send a shiver down their spine. While we understand the process is often considered painful and scary, at United Dental Clinic, your comfort is our priority. With experience and expertise on our side, you’re in safe hands.

We will be with you are every step of the way to ensure you feel educated and prepared for your upcoming procedure. Your dentist will investigate the cause of your pain and present a variety of options to tackle the problem. Book a consultation for your Wisdom Teeth Removal procedure with United Dental Clinic today!