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Intra-Oral Camera

VistaCam iX

The intra oral camera allows for both you and your dentist to go on a guided tour of your mouth. The VistaCam iX meets the highest requirements for fully digital transmission with its depth of field and image quality and is able to be screened live on the computer screen. We can also take snapshots of certain areas which form a permanent part of your records, which can be very important to track your progress and also if you have cosmetic work done it provides record of where you began.

The amazing thing about the VistaCam iX is it can be used to for early detection of tooth decay, the interchangeable camera head enables the dentist and patient to be able to pinpoint areas where decay is occurring. The ultra violet LEDs in this intra oral camera can detect decay causing bacteria, when under the light the bacteria glows red making it highly visible when compared to the healthy enamel which glows green under this unique camera head.
These photos are not only helpful for the dentist to provide you with the best care but this process is particularly useful for patient education as it lets you see what your dentist sees so that any problem areas can be explained while you watch, increasing your understanding and awareness of your dental health




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