Benefits of Early Childhood Dental Care

Benefits of Early Childhood Dental Care

Dentistry for children in Warriewood, NSW, is vital to your child’s overall health and wellness. By seeing the dentist regularly and early, we help lower their risks for common issues like cavities, gingivitis and oral infections. Additionally, routine dental care allows our team to monitor oral development and intervene with specific treatments as needed, including orthodontics.

Your Child’s Early Dental Visits

If you’re bringing your child to United Dental Clinic, we recommend booking an appointment early, around the time the first tooth comes in or by their first birthday. This allows our children’s dentist to monitor their oral development from the beginning.

We aim to oversee their smile health, but we also work to impart confidence and trust in your child. And helping them feel comfortable in the dental setting may instil healthy habits for life—like visiting the dentist regularly.

Early dental check-ups are also about counting teeth, getting to know your child, getting a ride in the dental chair, and making their dentistry fun. We want dentistry for children in Warriewood to be enjoyable for your child!

We also spend time answering your questions and addressing your concerns, and the dentist shares all findings with you following your child’s check-up.

Additionally, we offer resources on our children’s dentistry page to educate children and parents about healthy habits and good oral hygiene, including brushing baby teeth. Our team wants your child to understand the importance of their teeth, including their baby teeth, from the beginning.  

Why Baby Teeth Are So Vital

Baby teeth hold places on the jaw for adult teeth to erupt later, almost like guideposts. When baby teeth are lost too soon, it can disrupt the way adult teeth emerge. Cavities on baby teeth can also spread to adult teeth below before they’ve even erupted. Additionally, baby teeth aid in child development—speech and chewing.

Children’s Dental Care in Warriewood, NSW

We offer a wide range of dental services for children, everything they need to enjoy healthy smiles:

  • Dental check-ups
  • Teeth cleans (when age-appropriate)
  • Fissure sealants (to protect teeth from decay)
  • Fluoride treatments (to strengthen enamel)
  • Dental fillings (including tooth-coloured fillings)
  • Dental crowns
  • Root canals
  • Orthodontics

The dentist will customise a treatment plan to address your child’s unique needs.

Parents Play a Vital Role

Our team at United Dental Clinic will show you how to best care for your child’s teeth, including how to clean them at every stage of development. In addition, we can offer nutrition advice and tips to help you make the most of the oral hygiene sessions you oversee for your child. And we’re happy to discuss pacifier use, thumb sucking, and more.

Our team will educate your little one about how to keep their smile healthy when it’s time to transition to independent brushing and, eventually, flossing.

Between your efforts and the diligence of our dental team, you can expect your child to enjoy a healthy smile and adopt good habits early on.

Are You Looking for a Family Dentist in Warriewood, NSW?

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