Guide to Emergency Dental Care While Travelling

Guide to Emergency Dental Care While Travelling

If you’re on holiday and have a toothache, it can ruin your itinerary. Suddenly, you don’t want to visit the local sites or indulge in away-from-home meals—all the plans you’ve made now become secondary to your pain.

Fortunately, if you’re vacationing in our area, our dentists in Warriewood, NSW offer emergency dental services.

The goals of emergency dentistry while on holiday are to restore your comfort and prevent complications so you can get back to enjoying your time.

When Should You See an Emergency Dentist?

If you have a toothache, swelling, or oral injury, we consider these issues as dental emergencies. However, if you’re unsure whether your situation puts your teeth and gums at risk, we encourage you to contact our dental clinic as soon as possible.

The team at United Dental Clinic can assess your symptoms and provide instructions to see you through. In many cases, we arrange a quick but thorough dental emergency visit. Considerations always include your comfort level and symptoms.

Tips for Handling a Dental Emergency

The first step is contacting a dentist for more specific instructions. However, as you await your emergency dental visit, you can take some of the following steps:

  • Take a shop-bought pain reliever if you’re medically able.
  • Use ice packs periodically for swelling and discomfort.
  • Apply gauze and mild pressure to the gum if your tooth is loose and bleeding.

If you’ve knocked out a tooth, you can place it in a sealed container of water until your emergency dental appointment. Then, with suitable intervention, one of our dentists may be able to reset the tooth into your gums and save it.

If you’ve been in a crash or sustained trauma outside the mouth, we encourage you to visit the nearest hospital or emergency centre where you’re vacationing and contact our dental clinic after you’ve been medically cleared.

What Is Considered a Dental Emergency

If a situation causes you oral pain or puts your teeth and gums at risk, we consider it a dental emergency.

The emergency may include:

  • Broken tooth, restoration, or prosthetic
  • Knocked-out tooth, restoration, or prosthetic
  • Toothache or sensitivity
  • Gum swelling or inflammation

If your dental emergency falls outside the above definitions, we still encourage your call to be sure.

Do You Need an Emergency Dentist in Warriewood, NSW?

We encourage you not to let a dental emergency derail your holiday.

If you need an emergency dentist, we welcome your call on 02 8076 0363.