Layken Williams

Layken returns to us after spending the last 5years working and gaining experience in London.

She began her dental journey in 2009 as a dental assistant and front office coordinator.
Graduating her Bachelor of Oral Health in 2015 she worked with us as a hygienist until completing her Bachelor of Oral Health Therapy (adult scope) in 2017 and continued with us until relocating abroad in 2019.

Layken’s passion lies is treating periodontal disease having worked alongside specialists through her career. Diagnosing and identifying dental caries for both adults and children. Her open approach and friendly nature allows her to build strong patient rapport with those of all ages. Through education she strives to equip her patients with the knowledge and confidence to achieve and maintain a healthy mouth.

Outside of work she enjoys going to the gym, dabbling in art, reading, swimming and spending time with her friends and family.